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The Coolest Songs In The World 2015

on Tuesday, 24 November 2015.

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Comments (15)

  • Steed Colliss

    So may cool ones...

    Gotta go for Palmyra Delran with BG as first and Michael des Barres as second...

    3: The Sonics
    4: Jesse Malin (Turn Up the Mains)
    5: Kurt Baker
    6: The Go Wows
    7: The Love Me Nots
    8: Bullet Proof Lovers
    9: Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas
    10: The Dahlmanns (Though if it would have been "Pop Goes the World" (flip side of "Girl Band"), it would have ranked higher...)
    11: Stevie Salas
    12: The Excitements
    13: Soraia
    14: The Woggles (Somebody's Been Sleeping)
    15: The Verbs
    16: Stupidity
    17: Death by Unga Bunga
    18: The Woggles (Karate Monkey)
    19: Jeremy and the Harlequins
    20: Ringo !
    21: Motobunny
    22: Rivals Sons
    23: The Biters
    24: The Dictators NYC
    25: The New Trocaderos...

  • Cheryl Moore

    WIFFEE and the HUZzBAND "She Won't Go" is the best.

    • Steve Curcio

      I agree! Remember 2015 with "She Won't Go"!

  • Bonnie Luccio

    How do I vote????

  • Dana Saravia

    The Fleshtones!! :D Though there are several songs by some of my fave artists more than worthy of a vote--Stupidity, Death By Unga Bunga, Palmyra, The Dictators NYC & The Woggles among them for sure--but they're all up against The Fleshtones, who are always unbeatable IMO.

  • Kim atkins

    BITERS! Restless Hearts

  • Janet Denny

    Michael Des Barres - Can't Get you Off of My Mind

  • Steve Curcio

    Wifee and the Huzz Band so cool. It's a must #1 vote!

  • Marlene Sullivan

    The songs are fun and of course cool. I did not do a very good job of listening to entire shows this year so that made the "coolest song" feature even more of a nice surprise. The songs I recall digging: The Dahlmanns, Jessica Hernandez and Deltas, Palmyra Delran, The Sonics, The Biters,and because that drumming always amazed, Absolude.
    Joyeux Noel Steed!.....keep abiding.
    Robert- Some Enchanted Evening Will You Please Crawl Out Your Window ...so I can wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    To all peace and love in 2016!

    • Steed Colliss

      Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année à toi aussi, Marlene...

      Is the Robert you're writing to Robert Zimmerman or our Robert SMRZ ?

      • Marlene Sullivan

        Funny......I don't think either is going to read this but I meant the one who goes AAARRGH!

  • John Dailey

    So many great songs so few votes!

  • Sheila Greer

    Randall Bramblett -Devil Music is the best for 2015.

  • Cheryl Gross

    coolest site ever!

  • neilgp

    Coolest songs in the world 2016, is it happening? If so, when?

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