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The Bruce and Stevie Show - Part 2

on Wednesday, 06 April 2011.

The Bruce and Stevie Show

Hey baby, Little Steven here. Tune in this week for part two of our three-part 9th anniversary show in the Underground Garage, with once again Bruce Springsteen as my co-host.

We play the coolest records ever made that influenced us growing up. This week we have the Kinks, the Troggs, Dusty Springfield, the Cream, the Rolling Stones, and all kinds of cool things.

Tune in as we reveal all the secrets - like how to get from New Jersey across that river to the big city. It’s part two of the Bruce and Stevie Show, this weekend in the world’s only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio.

I’ll see you in the Underground Garage.

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Comments (5)

  • bruno77

    i have xm radio when is the show aired on xm

  • sdingeswho

    Died laughing over Bruce and Steve finally discovering "a guitar they could get to distort" :-)) ! I guess that puts me in good company --- I didn't know what a "stomp-box" was 'til I was sixteen or seventeen (late 70s), let alone learn about the "original" way of doing it (turning up the pre-gain only, so the *overall* volume wouldn't make your ears bleed). And, just like the red herring the guy they knew gave them, I originally thought that distortion was a result of the player's technique and prowess, i.e. I thought it really did "come off the way one used one's fingers". (Incorrect) "history" repeated itself, for me LOL!

  • mygeneration

    Bruce and Little Steven were wondering what guitar and amp Dave Davies used on those early and great Kink songs. Idk about the amp but Dave Davies, in all the early KinKs photos and on the cover of the "Greatest hits record, plays the Gibson Fling V.

  • Stiv

    Very funny show:) Loved the stories about the bass played as a guitar, the amps they finally turned up to ten, and how the Rolling Stones were a bigger inspiration for them than the Beatles.

  • Ron Lynch

    Excellent show Stevie & Bruce. When I first heard I Wanna Be With You, with the release of TRACKS I was floored by that song. Back when I was like 18 or 19 I lost my job at the TEXACO station, living in the twin cities.
    Thanks Bruce, this song has a great meaning to me. Look forward to the next show.

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