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Little Steven's Top Picks of 2011

on Friday, 06 January 2012.

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  • wild shovel

    Great list!

    Would have to add to that The Black Keys' "El Camino". The massive success of that album in 2011 -- with the band actually selling out huge stadiums -- makes it clear that garage has finally broken through. For a genre that was until recently very obscure and overlooked, this is an dizzying turn of events.

    In addition to big name bands like the 'Keys, there is a growing number of vintage garage-rock purists who are not-so-quietly focused on preserving the original sound of 60s garage and psych.

    A good example is Chapel Hill NC's THEE DIRTYBEATS (free download here). They specialize in recreating the tough, primitive, aggressive vibe of early to mid-60s garage rock and psychedelia -- the sound that inspired proto-punk pioneers like MC5 and The Stooges.

    To get that sound, THEE DIRTYBEATS make use of some often unwieldy period gear, including vintage KAPA, Mosrite, Rickenbacker and Fender guitars, Fender and Ampeg amps, Big Muff fuzzes, Morley wahs -- even coiled guitar cords. The result is prickly, gritty, unpredictable... and (if you are into that pure vintage garage rock thing), utterly glorious.

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