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Freaks, misfits, and outcasts- welcome to the new and improved UndergroundGarage.com!

on Monday, 08 March 2010.

The Bruce and Stevie Show

We have added some cool new features to the site like commenting and rating shows, a brand new search engine, and more. Over the next few weeks we will be adding new sections and more features as well.

This blog is one of the new sections of the site where we will be highlighting past shows, Little Steven's picks, videos, and generally
anything cool.

Since we are celebrating the British Invasion this week let's kick this blog off with a clip of the Stones first U.S. television appearance on The Hollywood Palace hosted by Dean Martin, June 13 1964.

"So of all the teenage troublemakers they could have picked, they hit the lottery with the Stones: the scariest band by far to our parents they could have possibly found, since the Pretty Things never came over.

Dino mercilessly harassed them all night, as his generational duty demanded, and the show cut their second song for broadcast, "Not Fade Away", which would be restored in future repeats when the Stones broke big some months later.

All that mattered was that the 13 year-old kid, having lived his short life in a state of confusion, wasn't confused anymore.

The singer, not being encumbered by an instrument (as all the Beatles were), somehow communicated something very different.

And it was a double assault, because the harp player, usually the 2nd

guitarist, didn't play on this particular song either, because he had to
alternate two different harmonicas in two different keys for the harp partin the verses.

The drummer obviously didn't want to be there, and the bass player appeared to be smugly observing animals in a zoo, and both were intriguing in comparison to a certain crowd-pleasing attitude of the Beatles.

The guitar player seemed to be the only one enjoying himself, but with the implicit tension of reckless abandon.

The same abandon not shown by the dour singer, bass player, and drummer, but screaming in fascinating juxtaposition on the savage, primal arrangement of the song.

And I knew: there was a God after all.
- Little Steven

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Comments (32)

  • Frankiefane

    I remember it like yesterday! It was the day before my 13th birthday & it was a life-changing event for me!

  • Stiv

    Cool stuff:)

  • t2ed

    I'm just glad we can get to the archived shows again. I was going into withdrawal just getting the week's show.

  • Guernica

    No Sirius/XM archives??? Will they ever be back?? I hope so. REALLY disappointed.

  • SIA7381

    Love the new site - and thrilled the archived shows are back!!!

  • bob hoskins

    That's s/g though when is the message board coming back?

  • bob hoskins

    And Fuzztopia?

  • Lisa Schweizer

    Love the new site and I listen every Sunday morning!

  • fatman

    Remember seeing the Stones on TV as a kid. I can still remember the look on my dad's face.

  • greggie434

    The new site is was cool! I can't tell ya how long I was waiting for this. The set list's and the info they have R so important to me. Thanks Steven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Athena Peaceriver

    Love ya, fellow outcasts. ;) The new site's awesome too.

    • bob hoskins

      Athena Peaceriver. It's a real name?

  • Michael J. Roeschlein

    Will the playlist feature ever come back? Love the new visuals.

  • bob hoskins

    Bruce. That's good news.

  • John Aston

    The Garage has just parked a few new cars with the old ones.

    Best radio show anywhere on the planet.

    Site is awesome

  • jcjohnson63

    glad things are back to semi normal. missed this place.still rockin over at lastfm and facebook.

    • bob hoskins

      jc salute!

    • bob hoskins

      Salute w G. Baker Selection - "I've Been Away Too Long"!

  • Richard Kostal

    Great show with Bruce. LS, Bruce, the Conservators of Cool!!

  • rifroar

    What happened to the archived shows that we were able to listen to of the other shows ( dj guests ),joan jett, etc.

    • Richard Kostal

      They're under "The Radio Show" tab at the top left. Go to the radio tab, open the drag down, go to achived shows. They are numerically sequenced there.

  • CatMan932

    Hey Folks,

    Like the new site, but I miss the message board. I hope that comes back.

    • bob hoskins

      it's true it's not a real message board but the most primitive type of it.......

      what's the point of this bookmarks if this here is pretty Mesozoic!

  • sdgakatbk

    Really like the show and the fact that someone actually gives a damn about rock these days!! Have learned A LOT from these shows over the years, and yes, I'm glad the archives are back also!! However, I don't see the earliest shows back on the archives. I hope the first shows are brought back because a number of the first versions of various shows are the best imo. The first Scorcese show comes to mind and in particular, the first Pirate Radio show. That 4th set from that Pirate Radio show was REALLY GOOD!!

  • jeff spirit

    Yeah, love Underground Garage, listened years back on radio, now on net too; hope the archived shows come back cause I listened to them time and again, love em'... UG is the coolest place ever for sound so loved, lived, remembered, presented. Thanks Little Steven for your place in heart felt music.

  • gtll

    I would like to nominate Foo Fighters new song, "Miss The Misery", as a future "Coolest Song In The World!" Their new CD, Wasting Light, recorded in Dave Grohl's garage, certainly deserves to be featured in the Underground Garage!

  • StefStef

    When are the very earliest shows going to be posted? It's been a few months already since the website's been up and running.


  • Sallier

    I know Tone Bender changed their name but to what? Looking for their new sight. Was trying to send a link to a bud who's ready to do some upgrades and I was telling him about the travel pre-packaged deals they had and DOH! Where dey @?

  • Michael Wilhelm

    Great site, been diggin' it. Howdy from the guitar man in the Charlatans, the originals not those Manchester upstarts.

  • Bob Gee

    There's a lifetime of music on this site.

    I'm hard.

  • thebrucelady

    Well, this IS the equinox & Mr. Springsteen's birthday (as well as our godson Julian's) Our town "Presented" Mick & the boys 10/08 & Keith pointed his guitar right @ us & smiled. In honor of all this, I'm now going public w/ the "leap of faith to get things goin'" so we can 'present' Bruce and Stevie next. See springsteeninmissoula.com.

  • thebrucelady

    So now, go figure what just happened: as I went to submit the last comment, Mr.S starts to sing on the TV behind me(CSI). Stopped in my typing tracks,I went to the hotel TV to listen to Patty, then Clarence.."if I fall behind, wait for me.."(Live from NY). Wow, this is how this whole grassroots project to present Mr.S & friends in our town has gone. Let alone that I don't watch TV (its covered up in the garage on its way to relic-dom (it has tubes))and sent the last comment @ 8:55...it appears that I am commenting to my Self here...

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