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We Are Family Foundation

Sunday, 10 October2010

I am honored to be here. I am particularly honored for the duty I have been chosen for tonight.

I am proud to say on behalf of my wife Maureen, that we have been supporting Nile and Nancy’s vision since the beginning. Let’s raise a glass to their wonderful work and everybody who put this together.

This ain’t easy believe me.

To the business at hand.

And don’t worry I’m not going to give a speech. Just a quick anecdote if I may.

I discovered politics late in life.

Luckily I got the cure and I feel much better now thank you.

But in the ’80′s that’s all I did.

I set out to try and figure out what our government was up to, and it ended up a journey of self-discovery.

One of the things I discovered was that no matter what the issue was, no matter where I went, Jackson Browne had already been there.

I go to Nicaragua, he’s there, I try to get Leonard Peltier out of jail, he’s working on it, environmental issues, he’s all over it, I go hundreds of miles, in the middle of nowhere to an Indian reservation, in the middle of the night, they tell me, oh! you just missed Jackson! Check the third teepee on the right you might still catch him.

So that’s how I ended up in South Africa. I figured I’ve got to go 8,9, 10,000 miles to maybe get something done that wasn’t redundant because Jackson was already on it.

I get off the plane, they ask you want to go down to where Mandela’s in prison? You want to see Bishop Tutu? Chief Buthelezi?

I said yes. All those things.

But first… let me ask you something…has Jackson Browne been here?

“No, no, no,” they laughed.

But we’re expecting his call in a minute so, if you don’t mind…

It is my deepest honor and distinct pleasure, on behalf of the We Are Family Foundation, to present this year’s Humanitarian Award for his tireless work giving a voice to the voiceless, my good friend, Jackson Browne.